Meet Sarah Klement

Age: 19

Hails from: Dallas, Oregon

Style: Street Photography

  What is your style of photograhy ?

     "I love street photography. If it's candid and actually portrays someone's soul, then it's like the Mona Lisa to me. A perfect example is Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York Project."

  Where did you get your start ?

     "We'll, I got my start two different places. My love for photography began when I was really little and was taking pictures at my grandparents wedding with one of those Kodak disposable cameras. I just loved the thing! I chased around bugs and took far too many photos of walls. Then when I was in high school I got a Canon T1i -that I use to this day-and began interning with a small shop owner. He taught me everything I needed to start with."

What process do you undergo to create your images? 

        "It's pretty simple really. Most of the time I just see something I find unique or beautiful and I adjust my settings and photograph them/the scene. Of course, after that I edit the images... But I try my best to keep the image as true to the original as I can while trying to improve it. I'm not sure if that makes any sense."

 What inspires you to make images? Why did you choose photography as an outlet?

       "Okay, so this question hits close to home. I will try to keep it short.

When I was young I was adopted and never got to know what any of my biological family looked like and for some reason that was pretty hard. I mean, who doesn't want to know what their bloodline looks like? Right? Well, regardless, it was important to me. Then when I was older, my favorite uncle passed away shortly after I met him. It hit really hard that I only had one photo of him so I vowed to do my best to take photos of those I loved and things I wanted to always remember."

How do you make your photos stand out from the rest? How do you stay fresh and current ?

    " I think I stand out because I don't keep myself in a box. By this I mean I use what I have around me as props and inspiration. I learned from watching Visual Acoustics, a documentary about Julius Schulman, that using props to spice up a photo is important."

      "I stay fresh and current by reading blogs and maintaining my own. I just love seeing different perspectives and trying to nurture my own. You can follow me here."