Trisha Dash 

You could say that Trisha was born to be a photographer. One could even say she was chosen by God to capture his creations and the essence of his reflection of us. 

Her first camera was a Polaroid Cool Cam 600. By age ten she owned multiple cameras; The truth is ever since thirteen she knew she would turn her hobby of photography into a long life career. 

Being a graduate of the Art Institute Of Austin she knows the math and science behind the making of a great image. She strives to become a master of controlling light and time to truly convey her message and emotions threw her images. Janine mission with each image is to capture the soul of an image. 

when you get Trisha Dash your not just getting a skilled photographer, you're getting an experience that will last a life time.

Best In show Portfolio Winner- “Men of Color” 2015 Photo Annual -Exhibition

Publication in B Louder Magazine